Exilis Ultra is the first and only device to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin and address body concerns. Exilis Ultra uses both thermal and mechanical energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. Exilis Ultra is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective. Exilis Ultra is a non-invasive, comfortable treatment with no downtime.

How Does It Work?

Exilis Ultra uses radiofrequency energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production. The device delivers controlled heating and cooling to ensure that energy is delivered to various depths in the tissue, allowing for customized treatment. Treatment with Exilis Ultra can improve the appearance of wrinkles and lax skin, as well as tighten skin.

How Long Does an EXILIS ULTRA Treatment Last?

Depending on the treated area and skin condition, most patients undergo between 2 to 4 treatments scheduled 7 to 10 days apart. Each treatment of a specific area usually takes from 4 to 30 minutes.

What Does an EXILIS ULTRA Treatment Feel Like?

Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage. You can lie down and relax during the procedure.

How Fast Will I See Results From EXILIS ULTRA Treatments?

Some patients report visible results after one treatment. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

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