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Orthopedics & Biologics

We help patients get back to their everyday lives by providing the most effective and least invasive treatments possible. 


Why Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics

The team at McKenna Orthopedics and Biologics is paving the way for cutting-edge treatments with their innovative use of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. They provide comprehensive care to patients suffering from arthritis or other orthopedic conditions that cause chronic pain by offering personalized plans aimed towards improving health function & quality life.

Dedicated to providing the most effective and least invasive solutions possible to their patients, the team at McKenna Orthopedics in Decatur and Trophy Club, Texas, offers cutting-edge services and are paving the way for the use of innovative treatments, such as regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, in clinical orthopedics. The orthopedic specialists provide patients with comprehensive, personalized treatment plans aimed at improving health, function, and quality of life. 

The unique techniques and advanced treatments offered at McKenna Orthopedics provide patients relief from acute or chronic pain caused by arthritis, cartilage loss, ligament strains, or tendon damage. The team also specializes in sports medicine, offering regenerative medicine helping athletes heal and recover from their injuries faster.

Surgery isn’t always the next step in treatment for an injury or chronic pain condition. To learn more about how your body can heal itself through the use of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, call McKenna Orthopedics today or book an appointment online.

Regenerative Plus Aesthetic

Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for our patients. In addition to offering innovative regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy and orthopedic treatments, we also offer a variety of aesthetic services. At our offices in Decatur and Trophy Club, Texas, we offer top-of-the-line treatments that, combined with our regenerative treatments, will help you look and feel your best. 

We are proud to provide Botox injections to reduce  unwanted wrinkles and Lip Fillers to provide some extra volume to the lip area.

To improve skin texture and tone, we offer skin resurfacing treatments using laser technology as well as HydraFacial treatments which combine cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, extraction, and nourishment into one treatment session. Our team will customize a treatment plan tailored uniquely to each patient’s specific needs in order to deliver optimal results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

We strive to make sure each patient is satisfied with their entire experience at Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics!



Of orthopedic and biologics experts, led by board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Wade McKenna. 

Dr. Wade McKenna

Founder and Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Russell Phillips

Family Practitioner 

Ashley Padilla, RN

Registered Nurse

Sheelah Ayala

Patient Coordinator