Patient Testimonials

Yvonne is amazing at what she does. She has extensive knowledge of the product she is using and also of other product out there to compare results. I have had problems with my face - Rosacea, Dryness, Sensitivity etc for over 15 years. I have tried every product on the market cheap to expensive and it all would break my face out. In one setting Yvonne was able to diagnose my issue and determine what would best help me. I extended my trust one last time in hopes for a healthier face and after using her product recommendations as well as receiving treatment I was amazed! I have a healthy glow and a suppleness back in my face that hasn't been there in years. I absolutely will not let anyone else touch my face and she has my business the rest of my life!
ABSOLUTELY recommend the Cell Spa, Dr McKenna was very thorough with my procedure & the entire staff was very helpful making me feel comfortable during and after surgery! Had a wonderful nurse, Becky, that gave me an IV to help heal faster when I woke up & 4 months out I’m STILL seeing improvements with 💯 success! Truly a first class place already returned 2 weeks ago for more amnion in a different area! Love the TC Cell Spa! Thank you everyone 😁
I got there are 4:10 filled out some papers that I had. Myappt was at 4:15. Invited to exam room #1 at 4:45Shawnaa (PA aide) said that just because I got here early at 3:45 she was not going to bump me into other people's appt spot that were ahead of my appointment at 4:45.I'm still kinda of confused about that comment. She must have been thinking about another patient.She then told me that urine and x-ray techs would be by.lab tech was all business. and xray person were funny and friendly.Nice chat and visit with PA (Troy or Toby)I was told it was a "worn out cuff thing and a bone spur"He said I would be contacted later to schedule a MRI for shoulderto determine if and when I needed to get it corrected.
They are always so nice, Dr Mckenna is always very knowledge. Gives you a sense that your in good hands
I worship this man and chandler. I was in so much pain being 4 1/2 inches off and literally beyond bone against bone. They done a Total knee replacement. I literally was not in any pain what so ever and I am so very Happy I had them beside me and guiding me. I love my knee replacement surgery. Thank you Guys. I am Totally still ROCKING IT!!!! 😁😁😁😁
For the first time in 5 years we found a Dr that actually takes the time to look into the details around my sons condition. We had so many thoughts and questions that we felt kept going unanswered. Now I feel even if his diagnosis is the same we will understand it better thanks to Dr Mckenna taking the time to explain it .
Very pleased with my visit, answered all my questions and explained everything where I could understand my options.
This office was attentive and professional from beginning to end. I would highly recommend their services!
I've only been to this office one time - Thursday of last week - but am extremely impressed with the rapid and accurate assessment and treatment of my orthopedic issues. It's Monday afternoon and I've already had a detailed off-site MRI of my wrist and awaiting follow-up.High praises for this Doctor and practicioner Troy's efficiency and expediency.
Excellent Dr and the staffMy shoulder surgery was 100 percent successfulIt heeled with flying colors
Hands down the best experience I have EVER had! Everyone here was so wonderful! I needed to bring my 3 month old with me to my appointment and the whole staff was so great with him. They gave him a bottle, played with him, and rocked him to sleep so I could get my treatment! I can not thank them enough for everything! ♥️
Such a kind and professional staff, I had an amazing experience, 10/10 recommend.
My experience here was amazing! The staff was friendly, patient, and willing to answer any/all questions I had during my visit. I highly recommend the Cell Spa for any of your needs. Shout out to everyone who helped me during my appointment, y'all were fantastic!
I had such a great experience at the cell spa! Found them via Instagram, so glad I did becuase I feel like a million bucks. Got a hydration iv treatment and some Botox. Couldn’t recommend this place enough! will be going back for a facial soon 😍
What a great staff and service. I ownChiro Studio in Southlake, and decided to come to this office for my care. I appreciate what they have done for me, and I believe you will too.
Becky Koberg is amazing! I had the amnion injection for my “lady area” for urinary Incontinence and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! No more peeing when I laugh, cough, or sneeze!! I also had this product in my face, neck, and chest! Best fountain of youth on the market!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💜💜💜
I began losing hair in my 30’s and started trying any and every treatment I could find. Some helped but I had to use it twice daily. I was told of the stem cell treatment in my mid fifties and decided to go for it. The results were amazing! My hair is thicker than it’s been in 25 years. One treatment with stem cells and week by week, I grew more hair. I used to have to cover the thin spot which got larger by the year with shading. Now my hair covers where it was so thin my scalp shined through. The treatment was fast and easy and the staff at Cell Spa were awesome. If you are on the fence about doing it, go for it. You won’t regret it.Lisa
Everyone at the Cell Spa was very professional and kind. Becky was great to work with and made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. I highly recommend Becky and this place!