Beauty Benefits of PRP Therapy

As medical research advances, people get access to more and more treatment options. Even more excitingly, many of the latest treatments use natural substances and don’t require a surgical procedure.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy serves as a prime example. By creating PRP from a small sample of your own blood, Dr. Wade McKenna can trigger regeneration in your skin, delivering a broad range of beauty benefits. Plus, this minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation treatment is available right here at Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics office in Trophy Club, Texas.

Is PRP therapy right for you and your beauty goals? Let’s find out. 

How PRP Therapy Works

To start PRP therapy, Dr. McKenna takes a very small sample of your blood. He then puts it into a centrifuge so he can separate the platelets from the other components of your blood. 

Your platelets contain growth factors that stimulate healing in your body. In fact, when you’re injured, your body directs platelets to that area to start the healing process.

When Dr. McKenna injects this PRP into targeted locations in your face, it supplies your facial skin with the resources it needs to start rejuvenation. Specifically, the PRP triggers your skin’s production of collagen.

Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin tight, smooth, and supple. As you get older, though, your body creates less and less of it. As a result, you see skin laxity, thinning, and unevenness. 

By triggering your skin’s processes to create a new network of collagen and giving your skin fresh support, you get more youthful-looking skin with this innovative treatment. 

In fact, Dr. McKenna offers PRP facelifts at McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics. While this treatment can’t give you the same profound effects as a surgical procedure, it can help you turn back the clock without having to go under the knife. 

What To Expect During and After PRP Therapy

That brings us to another key benefit of PRP therapy: it’s minimally invasive and comes with next-to-no downtime. While a surgical facelift comes with a month of recovery or more, you won’t need to take a single day off work with PRP therapy. You might have some swelling or tenderness immediately after treatment, but it should fade in a day or two. 

Plus, because the PRP was derived from your own body, the risk of complications is negligible. 

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see your results continue to improve as your skin goes to work building new collagen. 

If you want a natural, minimally invasive way to get younger-looking skin, don’t hesitate to call our team at Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics or request your appointment online today. 

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