Beyond the Little Blue Pill: Other Treatments for ED You Should Know About

Mild erectile dysfunction affects 50% of men in their 50s, and that number just keeps growing with age. While older men are more likely to have ED than younger men, it can happen to anyone, and everyone should have access to effective treatment options. 

The most popular treatment for ED, the “little blue pill” (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.), only has a 70% success rate and can come with serious side effects. 

Dr. Wade McKenna of MOAB thinks every man deserves more than the little blue pill. Here are some other treatment options to consider, especially the newest and most effective treatment: ED’s Shot

Lifestyle Remedies for ED

Doctors and researchers have linked a vast range of personal habits and lifestyle choices to ED. For example, smoking and alcohol affect every man’s risk for ED because smoking affects blood circulation and alcohol impacts virtually every bodily system. 

But it’s so much more than just smoking and alcohol: Your exercise habits, sleep cycle, diet, stress levels, relationship dynamics, job, medications, and more can all affect your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. 

Here are some common lifestyle adjustments for treating ED: 

  • Stop smoking
  • Be conscientious of your alcohol consumption
  • Exercise more often or more consistently
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Manage stress levels
  • Have open discussions about sex with your partner
  • Consider seeing a mental health professional for psychological issues

Hormone Therapy for ED

If it turns out that your lifestyle isn’t the issue, you may consider hormone therapy for ED. This kind of therapy typically works best for men who have ED and low libido — testosterone is usually the culprit. 

Under a doctor’s guidance, you can choose to undergo a testosterone replacement regimen. Before pursuing hormone therapy for ED, make sure to tell your doctor as much as possible about your condition and any other health complications. Don’t hold back!

Pumps and Implants

If lifestyle changes, medications, and hormone therapy have ended in a dud, then a pump or implant might help. Pumps work by forcing blood into the penis to create an erection, and implants work by keeping the penis erect all the time or using an implanted pump that allows you to control the frequency of your erections. 

Injections for ED

Last, but certainly not least, you need to know about penile injections — specifically, ED’s shot. Dr. McKenna’s Orthopedics and Biologics offers this revolutionary ED treatment option because it’s the quickest procedure with the longest-lasting results.

ED’s shot involves a very high concentration of growth factors, an important substance that is critical for tissue growth, repair, and maintenance all throughout your body. Dr. McKenna administers the injection to your penile tissue, where the new growth factors revascularize your penis and resensitizes your nerve endings. 

To learn more about ED’s shot or to discuss ED treatment, call one of our offices in Dallas or Trophy Club, Texas, or request your appointment online. 

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